September 22-24, 2017, HAPS, Des Moines Rendezvous

Hosts: Tom and Kersten Hubbard, Duane and Gina Rubash

What a spectacular weekend in every sense. The weather, members, food and superb hosts was all, in two words, most excellent. Friday arrivals included Tom and Kersten in “Tiburon”, Duane and Gina Rubash in “Salish Mermaid”, Jim and Vicky Carey in “Stella Maris”, John and Sharon Veatch in” Disconnected”, Brian and Mary Scott in”Too Cool Runnings”, Willy Eriksen and Dick in “Akavit”, Mike and Ruth Murray in” Wings of Gold”, Ray and Deb Valpey in “Sloe Tango”, Buzz and Tish Greenman in “Prime Meridian”, Ben and Emelie Stewart in “Yikes II” and soon to be members Vince and Jo Haag in “Kingfisher”. Steve Stark and Barb Rosenbaum in “Starbright” joined us Saturday.

Tom had secured guest moorage for us, just inside the breakwater. It was was convenient to fuel, restrooms, and we had the use of a wonderful enclosed structure at the head of the dock.
Friday night we walked down town with some of us eating at Wally’s Chowder House and others at Mandarin Kitchen.

Saturday morning, a skipper’s meeting was held for the racers. Larry Tughan of “Beverly Jane” and Stuart Scadron Wattles of “Selah” arrived sans bateau to crew. Five intrepid boats braved the arduous weather conditions: winds were forecast to hit maybe 3 knots. Those winds, coupled with blinding sunshine, made for an extraordinarily challenging contest. New member to be Vince Haag in his 1992 Legend 37.5 was easily the fastest boat on the course.  Congratulations. Jim Carey was the fastest boat under 33’ (and the only one under 33’). Plans for two additional races were cancelled due to the severe weather conditions.

Dinner Saturday night was a feast cooked by Tom and Duane. The appetizers and chicken fajitas accompanied by margaritas and a custom designed HAPS cake left no one hungry. Reading the previous sentence does not do justice to the effort made by the hosts to provide the members with a truly delicious meal. Thanks again!!!

Mike Murray discussed the upcoming annual dinner at the Brownsville Yacht Club. Although the dinner is Saturday night November 4 th we have the yacht club from 1700 November 3 rd to 1200 November 5th . This is an important meeting, as Ruth and Mike are stepping down from our duties as Fleet Co-Captains, and new Fleet Co-Captain(s) need to be nominated and voted on. All of the rest of the officers serve for one year only. Members are welcome to nominate new ones, who would stand for election. That said, we have incumbents who are willing to serve next year, if the members agree: Stuart Scadron-Wattles is settled in nicely at Communications, with Duane Rubash assisting, Kersten Hilton at Membership chair, John Hilton Tech advisor, and Mary Scott as treasurer.

This happened later, but it’s worth highlighting: We’ve secured Phil Herring and Al Foolks from
Hunter as speakers at 11am on Saturday morning of the Annual Meeting
. These guys are responsible for ensuring that you can continue to get Hunter parts, now that we have no factory support, and their operation is located in the Georgetown area of Seattle.

Rumor has it that we are the biggest and most active Hunter group in the country so pat yourselves on the transom, when you can reach there. Our numerous rendezvouses allow members to participate at the level that accommodates their schedule. We solicit dates, destinations and hosts for the 2018 season and can discuss them at the November dinner. Email suggestions to Stuart at It is important to get our input in soon as some venues get booked early. We have found that hosting works much better if two boats buddy up to share the tasks.

Attention was drawn to shore power issues at Poulsbo Marina over the Independence Day weekend. New posts were installed and the stray current threshold was dropped from 100ma to 30ma. Please see the article in the September issue of Northwest Yachting page64.

Duane Rubash made a pitch for member to update the member profile pictures on our website. Take a look to see if you’re there, and make sure you like the pic(s):  If you need the password again, contact Stuart here. We need your full crew picture, as well as one of your boat. Email your pics to Duane here.

Sunday morning the members were once again treated to a delicious meal…breakfast burritos or eggs to order with fruit, yogurt, juice, cinnamon bread, and coffee. Really another tremendous effort and greatly appreciated.

Nice people with nice boats having a nice time together.

Mike and Ruth Murray, “Wings of Gold”, Fleet co-captains