We own Hunter sailboats and we sail them
in the Pacific Northwest.


All types of Boats and people

We are singles, couples, and families. Some of us sail with our children and grandchildren, others sail on their own. We own newer Hunters, we own older models. Some of us bought our boat from a dealer or broker, some from another member.

Some of us are licensed captains, others of us are just learning how to sail their boat. Some of us trucked our boats here, some of us sailed them away and back again, and some of our boats were commissioned here and have never left.

We're not a racing group. Plenty of people race their Hunters here, and some of us join them. But we're not strictly a cruising group either, although we do cruise as a club. We're an association of Hunter owners, for whom good times and mutual assistance are high values. Some of us are actually past Hunter owners; we still hang out with them. That's the kind of people we are.

We're well-distributed around the Puget Sound. In 2018, we surveyed our members' home ports. Twenty-five percent of us are berthed North of Seattle (as far as the San Juan Islands), 25% South of Seattle (as far as Olympia), 25% West of Seattle, and 25% in the Seattle area. if you sail this area, chances that there's at least one HAPS member near you

Here's what we know: the Pacific Northwest is great place to sail a Hunter. It's an even better place to sail with your friends.