We get together.

Boat renaming ceremony, Longbranch

Boat renaming ceremony, Longbranch

We enjoy sailing, and all that goes with it. Our membership has a high participation rate in rendezvous and cruises. That's because we enjoy one another's company, and we enjoy being with people who love to sail. We don't compete, we cooperate, especially when it comes to providing and enjoying good times.

New for 2018: We're scheduling at least 12 events a year, with three types of events:

Meet Me @ Spontaneous or planned gatherings without host or planned meals

Rendezvous Hosted 2-day weekend gatherings with hosts and planned meals and activities

Cruise Multi-destination events lasting 4 or more days

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We have fun.

Theme song contest, Langley Marina

Theme song contest, Langley Marina

We typically have 12 events, all year long. We'll have planning and boat maintenance and repair sessions in late fall and early winter, and sail places through spring, summer and fall. Sometimes we organize our fun, sometimes it's just impromptu. We'll have planned rendezvous for a weekend, or planned cruises for week or more. Sometimes, we just let each other know where we'll be and figure out what to do after we get there. We've had costume or murder mystery parties, hammocks at anchor, cocktail hour on the dock, and dinghy races in the harbor. To find out what we're doing next, sign up for our mailing list. And we're always open to new ideas.

We help each other out.

Teaching seamanship, Puget Sound

Teaching seamanship, Puget Sound

HAPS members offer what they know to others. Our rendezvous often include "Education Moments," led by capable volunteers or experts, on maintenance of Hunter sailboats, seamanship, sailing in the Pacific Northwest, or anything that might be of interest to the Hunter sailor/cruiser. At a typical rendezvous, you'll overhear people offering each other assistance with a problem or answering a question about how a modification was done. Our annual mailings to members include a price sheet on recently sold Hunters, so that we can keep tabs on what our boats are worth on the open market, and recommendations for maintenance and modifications.

Now that Hunters are no longer being made, it's more important than ever to stay current on parts and maintenance issues in the Puget Sound.

Once you join HAPS, you'll have access to our Member pages, where you'll find technical articles in the Better Boating section, service and repair providers in the Resources section, as well as tips on navigation in the Trip Planning section, and a whole lot more. We frequently share tips on professionals who know how to repair and maintain Hunters, based on our experiences.

Because Hunters are still being sailed.

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