HAPS Purpose and Membership Criteria


The Hunter Association of Puget Sound (HAPS) has a two-fold mission:

1.       To support and encourage the ownership, maintenance, and enjoyment of Hunter and Marlow-Hunter sailboats located in the greater Puget Sound area.

2.       To be an association of like-minded sailors who support and encourage gatherings to further that primary mission.

New Members...

l.  Must own a Hunter or Marlow-Hunter sailboat that is normally sailed in the Puget Sound area. Membership is conferred on the boat's owner(s) and regular crew.

2.  Must apply to HAPS by sending in a completed application form and paying the stated fees. 

Continuing Members...

l.  Pay their dues by December 1 of the year prior to the renewal year; this helps the club develop a budget plan prior to our chart chat at the beginning of each year.

Welcome To The Club!

Joining HAPS is easy. Download, print and fill out this application, which includes mailing instructions. Or contact Duane Rubash, our membership chair, and he'll send you an application. If he's not sailing somewhere. Because, that happens.

Initial dues are $90, which includes a handsome HAPS burgee.  Annual membership dues thereafter are $60. We use dues and other income to pay for rendezvous and cruise goodies. Everybody volunteers their time. There's no extra charge for the additional fun.

Want to meet us First?

Excellent idea. Sign up for our free mailing list, and we'll notify you of all of our activities. When you see one you like, just register for it, and show up with your Hunter sailboat. Your first rendezvous is free.(We usually pay for our own moorage if we're at dock, and if you bring a horde of hungry crew, skipper, we may ask you to put a little something in the kitty for food.) Fair enough? Our latest rendezvous schedule is here. It's just a sample, so it's likely out of date. (The current one is accessible from the members only page.)

Still Thinking About It?

That's fine-- we like sailors who are reflective. When you sign up for our FREE mailing list, you'll get important information and important tips about your boat and timely notices on all of our activities. And if you don't like what you get, just unsubscribe. There's a thought.


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