HAPS Port Ludlow: May 2018

May 2018

HAPS does it again!

Port Ludlow proved itself to be a delightful rendezvous setting.

Dave and Mary Weale aboard Dulcinea arrived a day early in true host fashion to assure that all was ready. Also in attendance were:

John and Kerstin Hilton aboard New Shoes

Gary and Joanne Mallett aboard Anna

David and Sara Tideman aboard Humuhumunukunukuapua'a  (we will learn to pronounce this correctly)

Rick and Ann Giles aboard Fre’ Moment

Most attendees arrived mid to late afternoon, with plenty of time to prepare for “heavy hors d’oeuvres” as Dave Weale referred to them.  We gathered on the “party float” in the lovely spring sunshine. True to Dave’s plan, we were too full for dinner.  After an hour or two of visiting, the sun set and the evening chill sent us back to our boats for the night.

Rick and Ann Giles arrived at just about bedtime for many of us old timers.  Guided by New Shoes’ anchor light, they found their slip in the darkened marina.

We all awoke to sunshine and after morning coffee indulged in Mary Weale’s infamous blueberry pancakes and ham.

During the morning’s conversation we learned that Port Ludlow has quite an extensive trail system (26 miles) and even a waterfall.  After a stop at the Marina office to pick up a trail map, off we set to explore the woods.  The trails were wide, which made for easy conversation and an ideal opportunity to get to know one another individually. Interpretive signs along the way directed our attention to native flora and fauna, and historic details that contributed to the development of Port Ludlow.

Returning from the woods we stopped to check out the local art gallery which features only local artists, and pick up a few things at the small market nearby.  For those that are new to Port Ludlow, there are actually quite a few businesses in the town.  It takes a bit of looking to find them as they are located in little clusters set in amongst the trees.

Back at the marina it was time for lunch and another round of activities.  Dave Weale displayed his competitive nature by organizing a wind-up toy race.  The course measured 24” in length.   The selection of toys was amazing, and after much discussion and argument the field was narrowed to four fish.  Racing was intense, and the winner was … uhm, you’ll have to purchase a calendar at the annual meeting to find out!  Dave followed up with a session of knot tying.

Meanwhile, Rick Giles brought his new to him Walker Bay 10 sailing dinghy and the warm sunshine and pleasant breeze made us eager to give it a try.  After pumping up the tubes, and sorting out some rigging, the dinghy was sailing smartly about the marina.

As the dinner hour approached we gathered our potluck contributions and headed up to the Port Ludlow Marina gazebo.  No sooner did we begin to set the tables when the sound of rain drops grew louder.  We opted to take shelter in the large tent structure nearby.  We had an enjoyable dinner of soft tacos, with salad and lemon bars, and watched the rain develop into a full on thunderstorm.  Thanks to smart phone technology we were able to consult the NOAA weather app with real time radar to determine the most advantageous moment to scurry back to the warmth and comfort of our boats.

Sunday morning no one was in a big hurry to leave so we had a leisurely breakfast aboard Dulcinea and continued visiting, touring one another’s boats and so on. One by one we said our good byes, and began our journeys back to home port, secure in our sense of being surrounded by nice people, having a nice time in nice boats.


John Hilton

HAPS Fleet Co-captain


Chart Chat Summary


Chart Chat took place on Saturday 20 January 2018, at Island Square on Mercer Island. Thirty people were in attendance. This is our annual planning meeting. John and Kerstin Hilton, HAPS Co-captains, presided. The minutes are below.

We are grateful to Mike and Nancy Mariano for arranging for the space, and to all of the members who came, participated, brought all of that yummy food and drink, and then cleaned up!

Comms: Using eblasts vs. Facebook for MM@ communication

1/20/18 – Stuart explained function of eblasts, and why Facebook is a better tool for communicating information between members. Members can still contact Stuart with their cruise itineraries, and have them posted for group to see.

Become familiar with the HAPS website

1/20/18 - Duane gave a presentation of the features of the HAPS website.  He showed how to upload a current photo of your boat or crew.  To access contact information, click on the boat owners name to be taken to a link.

Become familiar with the HAPS Facebook page

1/20/18 –Stuart gave an explanation of how Facebook can be used for Meet Me@ communication.  Later, Becky Thompson gave an on-screen demonstration of accessing the Facebook page.

Membership Information and Promotion

Cell phone communication on the water – safety, planning, keeping track of the group

Current Email allows member to member non-urgent communication, and HAPS business

1/20/18 – Sue put out a current roster for people to check accuracy of phone numbers, addresses, etc.

1/24/18 – Sue posted the updated roster.  Duane has added the information to the HAPS members only page.

Print – Being social the old fashioned way – using HAPS business cards and flyers

1/20/18 - HAPS business cards will be included in new member packets.  Merits of having post cards or tri-fold brochures were discussed.  Post card or flyers would be intended to be posted on bulletin boards or left aboard. Stuart will design send members a pdf that can be printed by individual members to post on bulletin boards, etc.

Current Status of the Fleet: As of 24 January 2018

  • Total Boats                40
  • New boats for 2018     5
  • Renewing                  25
  • Non-renewing             4

New Members

1/20/18 – Sue called out names of new members. 

  • Vince & Jo Haag
  • Lee Jelinek & Chuck Ising
  • Doug Miller & Karen Fletcher
  • Kirsten Parks & Mark Walters (Present)
  • Becky Thompson (Present)

Membership Renewals for 2019

  • Call for 2019 renewals will begin on October 1st, 2018
  • 1/20/18 – Members decided on a renewal deadline December 1st, 2019

HAPS Name tags

1/20/18 - Sue Tughan presented some options for magnetic tags.  Members voted in favor of having name tags made at club expense.  New members will be given one set of name tags each for skipper and crew.  Additional or replacement name tags will have to be purchased by the HAPS member.  Further research is being done.

Members Only password

The password has been changed for 2018. Comms notified the membership via email on 24 January. If you did not get your password (It’s the same for everyone), contact Comms at svselah@me.com

Membership home port locations

Members are almost equally spread around four basic areas:

  • West of Puget Sound (Bremerton, Poulsbo, Brownsville)
  • North of Seattle (Hood Canal, Port Ludlow, Everett, Bellingham)
  • Seattle (Shilshole, Elliot Bay, Lake Washington)
  • South of Seattle (Olympia, Tacoma, Des Moines)

Treasury Report

HAPS treasury is adequate to continue funding rendezvous, cruises, annual meeting and other events at the same level as previous years.  Thanks are in order to past fleet captains Mike and Ruth Murray for building the healthy treasury balance that exist today.  The current fleet captains pledge to follow in the Murray’s footsteps.

Better Boating Survey Results: The Top Three Items


  • Docking skills                         81%
  • Anchoring & stern tying         77%
  • MOB & using the Life Sling   71%

Event Proposals for 2018

Typical HAPS events are defined as:

  • Meet Me @ (MM@) - Planned or spontaneous no-host gathering
  • Rendezvous - Conventional hosted event at a specific location
  • Cruise - Multi-destination event lasting 4 or more days

The 2018 HAPS event calendar is on the website: http://hunterpugetsound.com/rendezvous?view=calendar&month=January-2018

Greetings HAPS fleet

Kerstin and I are excited to begin our tenure as fleet captains.  Alright, we are also a little nervous, given that our previous fleet captains have set the bar impossibly high, over a very long time.

We begin with a new mantra: “Let’s get out there!” Kerstin and I are not spending near as much time aboard our boat as we would like; I’m guessing a lot of you are in—or rather out of—a similar boat. Daily life seems to interfere far too often.  Time to do something about that! 

We have heard from a number of HAPS members that they would like to see HAPS events planned during the “off season”, which we define as October thru March.  A growing number of us are now in a position to plan extended cruises of a month or more during the summer months.  Consequently we may be otherwise engaged when traditional HAPS summer events are held.  For the coming season, we will try to have at least one event each month.

In an effort to increase the number of events, as well as provide for differing style and schedule preferences, we propose to have three different kinds of HAPS events:

Rendezvous – Conventional Friday thru Sunday hosted event at a specific destination, with planned activities and meals

Cruise – Multiple destination event lasting 4 or more days, hosted with a float plan

Meet Me @ - Short notice or spontaneous, low key, no-host gatherings initiated by one or two members.


The Meet me @ event type isn’t really new. We’ve been doing it for years, by either contacting HAPS members we know and planning to meet in an anchorage or marina on a few day’s notice, or using the HAPS Facebook page to invite any HAPS member who is so inclined. But for 2018, we are going to actually designate some Meet Me @ months, and encourage members to do it, using Facebook, or asking Comms to do an eblast.

We’ve attached a draft 2018 HAPS schedule here, which we hope to finalize at Chart Chat, 3-6PM on Saturday 20 January, 2018. This will be a land-based, drive-in event, with a potluck to follow. We’ll get the venue out shortly. For now, please save the date if you can.

One of the challenges we face is the large geographic area of our home ports.  Larry Tughan has kindly prepared prepare a  map to illustrate that. We’ve posted it here if you’d like to see it. No matter where we hold an event on land or sea, someone has to travel quite a distance.  Our goal is to provide a variety of opportunities to gather with our HAPS friends.  Some will be localized, knowing that we probably won’t see the members living far away.

We also can see that, with so many opportunities, our gatherings will be smaller. So be it. Success is measured by how much fun we have, and by the new and time-tested sailing relationships we have as HAPS members.

Some might say that October-March is too cold for cruising. Most of our PNW-based Hunters have robust heating systems and cockpit enclosures that allow comfortable boating in brisk conditions. The truth is many of our favorite destinations like Gig Harbor and Langley actually have a lot going on in the Fall and Winter months.  While browsing along the streets of town you are never far away from a warm boutique pub, and the winds are better: the odds of actually sailing are really good.

We know there are times when it is just too much to get the boat to a HAPS event.  Not to worry, you can still hang with your boating family! We are looking at planning some events that can be attended without a boat.  The annual meeting in Brownsville was a prime example; no one came by boat, and yet we had a great time hanging out in the Brownsville Yacht Club clubhouse.

From a very informal poll at the annual meeting, we learned that quite a few members are interested in improving their boat handling and maintenance skills. Some of the events planned for the coming season will have an informational skill-building or technical component.

Our members have rich and varied interests.  Some are more social than others.  Some are energized by the hands-on sailing of their boats, and others are content to be along for the ride.  We have observed that connections between HAPS members are often made in the most unexpected places.  It can be a cockpit conversation during a raft-up, problem-solving a mechanical issue, or sharing a quiet moment in the kitchen while preparing a meal for the annual meeting. In the final analysis, it’s our relationships that make HAPS so special.

Let’s get out there!

John and Kerstin Hilton

Fleet Co-Captains