Captain’s Report on the HAPS Annual Dinner and Meeting, 2017


“I would categorize the annual dinner weekend a huge success.  Friday November 3, I got underway about 1200 in heavy snow and light winds from Bremerton Yacht Club headed for Brownsville about 10 miles away.  I received a text from Stuart that Steve and Barb in Starbright would be the only other boat at the rendezvous and that all others would drive in later.  I could not raise Starbright and noting 40 kts on the anemometer and heavy snow and being single handed I made the decision to return to Bremerton Yacht Club.  Steve Stark then called and said they were ready to get underway but after my report they too decided to arrive by car instead of boat.

“Friday night at Brownsville was a very pleasant evening with Steve Stark and Barb Rosenbaum, Dave and Mary Weale, new members Chuck and Lee Jelinek, John and Kerstin Hilton, Mike and Ruth Murray, and John Veatch.  The potluck was wonderful then we watched a movie. Since Friday was Ruth’s birthday I presented her with a birthday cake and cards from other members.  Barb supplied candles for the cake as well.

“Saturday morning we had the special treat of Phil Herring and Al Fooks discussing  Phil founded the website originally as in 1997-98 which later evolved to a parts supply business and the present website. (Stuart has written an account of that journey here.)  Al Fooks is the new owner.  Al went to work for Hunter Marine directly out of high school and started washing boats.  It took two weeks for him to decide that he didn’t want to wash boats for a career and he was moved to production.  He then climbed the production ladder with increasing responsibility then to warranty issues and customer service.  Suffice it to say he knows our boats inside and out and as Phil says he is uniquely qualified to manage the business.  Phil’s talk was very interesting and entertaining.  Al’s talk was an insight to his life, persona and motivation.  Both Phil and Al have a passion for sailboats but Hunter is at the heart.  Al’s passion for the business and our well being was palpable.  Thanks to both of them for a most excellent two-hour presentation.  The first hour was a informal talk and the second hour they answered personal questions from many of the 25 members that attended.  Kerstin Hilton cooked three salmon quiches and a veggie quiche for lunch.  Thanks Kerstin.

“About 1330 Stuart led us through the various pictures and stories that the assembled members had accumulated during the 2017 cruising season. There was a lively discussion about anchorages and marinas.

“After the photos, we set up for the silent auction which as in years past was well supported.  This year, $503 was contributed to our HAPS bank account. Thanks to all who supported HAPS through their gifts and purchases.

“Ruth picked up our dinner from “Smokin Robinsons” and it was fabulous.  BBQ pulled pork smoked chicken, beans, cole slaw, mac and cheese plus numerous high calorie desserts presented by the assembled members.  Ruth, Barb and Kerstin set up the tables.  The 31 dinner attendees ate well…and thanks again for the desserts.  We welcomed new members: Lee Jelinek represented herself and husband Chuck Isling, on Lady Lee a H45 CC, homeport Pleasant Harbor and Gary and Joanne Mallett on Anna, H30T homeport Driftwood Key.

“I presented our rendezvous hosts with small gifts, Ray and Deb Valpey Port Orchard, Tom Hubbard and Duane Rubash Des Moines,  Stuart and Linda Haps in Da Hood.  Thanks for making the year a great success.  Our treasurer Mary Scott, absent due to the birth of a grandson in California, our Membership chair Kerstin Hilton and our Comms officer Stuart Scadron-Wattles also received gifts.

“Ruth and I enjoy every one of you and are truly blessed to have been at the helm as fleet Co-Captains since 2011.  It is an exceptional group of quality persons and we treasure our relationship with you.  We look back on our association with HAPS since joining in April of 2004 with precious memories.  The last six years were absolutely superb with the support and confidence of all HAPS members.  We look forward to many more delightful times with our fellow HAPSTERS.  I also thank my lovely wife Ruth for her constant support and wise counsel.  As I wrote on her birthday card I am thrilled each day to know that she is my wife.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.”


Mike and Ruth Murray

S/V Wings of Gold

Kirsten Hilton and Stuart Scadron-Wattles presented reports from Membership and Communications, respectively. Treasurer Mary Scott was not present, due to welcoming a grandchild into the world; the treasurer’s report will be circulated later.  Kirsten and Stuart presented the Murrays with two thank-you gifts for their unprecedented six years of service to HAPS: a personalized cheese board for Wings of Gold, and a “Word Map” tribute. Stuart also read two letters of appreciation, one from Ben and Emmelie Stewart, and one from Bill and Jeanine Bramstedt.


Our 2018 officer line up is:

Fleet Co-Captains:  John and Kerstin Hilton of New Shoes

Membership:  Sue Tughan of Beverly Jane

Treasurer:  Mary Scott of Too Cool Runnings

Comms:  Stuart Scadron-Wattles of Selah  assisted by Duane Rubash of Salish Mermaid

2018 Dues are…due NOW

Renew your membership by mailing a check for $60, payable to HAPS

Send the check to:

Mary Scott

HAPS treasurer

6563 170th Place SE

Bellevue Wa 98006


Save the Date

Watch for an announcement from the Hiltons, announcing Chart Chat 2018, and presenting the Draft 2018 Rendezvous Schedule, for your suggestions and additions.