July 3 2019 raft-up

July 1– It started off with a raft-up of two Hunters on a sunny afternoon in Liberty Bay. We anchored tight to the boundary lines and then watched as a bouy drug anchor, making it appear we were too close to the firecracker barge. Rick Giles called harbor patrol and was directed to the Poulsbo police. We were assured our anchoring spot was approved and we would not have to brake up the raft at a later date. We peacefully went to sleep. Then, in the middle of the night there was quite a bang/thud noise. 

July 2- It was discovered that one of Fre’Moment’s kayaks was missing from the deck of their boat. After careful scanning of the shoreline the nose of a kayak was spotted. An extreme low tide made it difficult to get real close and see if it was the runaway boat.

More Hunters joined the party: Vaya Con Dios, Salish Mermaid, Noname’ and Alibi. The rains set in and we hunkered down in our cabins. Copious cups of coffee were to be had aboard New Shoes. When the rains ceased we all popped our heads out like a bunch of prairie dogs. And then there were 4-legged crew to take to shore and do the Poulsbo-thing. (Sluy’s baked good, anyone). 

Once the tide was up and rains subsided the errant kayak was rescued. It was all mucky from it’s wild un-manned ride to the beach. 

July 3 - Coffee and warm corn bread muffins were served aboard Fre’Moment. We planned an impromptu dinner potluck for early evening. 

Disconnect and Pure Sterling arrived and joined the raft. We were up to 8 boats!

Late afternoon brought a parade of boats by our group. A roar went up when the Scotts and Ridenours motored by aboard Willy. 

Thanks Ann and Richard Giles for welcoming us into your cabin, opening your salon, and offering up your grill for the potluck .  It’s a beautiful thing to be all together on a Hunter! Those going north into the San Juans shared favorite routes and spots to explore. Others swapped boat stories and life experiences.  

The firework show began later than expected. (We learned the next morning that there had been a police matter in the waterfront park.) Our front row view of the fireworks was unimpeded. 

July 4– The raft-up began to break up by 8am and sailors headed out. 

Gina’s relatives, visiting from Arizona and staying aboard their boat, said it was a holiday to remember - being on sailboat, enjoying the Pacific NW, meeting HAPSters and watching fireworks on Liberty Bay!  Does it get any better? 

Des Moines Solstice 2019: Report

Our first weekend rendezvous of the season was well attended in Des Moines.  Members joining the festivities by boat were:

Tom & Debbie Jardine and Dog Chelan aboard Alibi

Tom & Kersten Hubbard  plus their Son Ryanand his Girlfriend Tayloraboard Tiburon

Court & Kim Krumvieda and Dog: Diamond aboardEagle’s Wings(new members)

John & Kerstin Hilton, accompanied by Jeannine Bramstedt aboard New Shoes

Jeff & Laura Condit aboard Noname’

Duane & Gina Rubash and Dog: Maggie aboard Salish Mermaid

Russ & Bonnie Opthof and Dog: Abby aboard Vaya Con Dios(new members)

Pierre & Terry Michel and Dog(s) Rex and Cruz aboard Wild Duck

Mike & Ruth Murray and Grand Dog: Twilight aboard Wings of Gold


Members joining the festivities by land were:

Brian & Mary Scott

Ben & Emmelie Stewart

Carol Jones accompanied by Chris and Sonny Jones

Ray & Debra Valpey and Dog: Clover

Buzz & Tish Greenman

Jim & Vicki Carey


Friday’s Meet and Greet began about 1600 hours in the activity shelter.  Conversations were buzzing as members snacked on a variety of hors d’ oeuvres and beverages. Visiting was such fun that no one wanted to leave for dinner so a large order for Chinese food to go was placed.  Pot Luck to go, you might say, as members passed around their orders for everyone to try.


In a heartfelt moment, Jeannine Bramstedt was presented with a certificate of lifetime membership for the service to HAPS that she and husband, Billperformed over many, many years.  Jeannine brought a photo board that shared with us many of the activities Bill was involved in.  A few stories were shared, and Mike Murrayreminded us that the Bramstedt’s boat, J. Michellehad the notable distinction of being one of the few boats ever struck by a deer.  As a trailerable vessel the J. Michelle is exposed to risks most of our fleet is not.  As many of you know Bill passed away this year in March and will be greatly missed.


The evening was capped off with a showing of the classic seafaring film, Captain Ron.  “If anything’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there…”


Saturday began in the activity shelter with coffee and a continental breakfast.  The shoppers in the crowd made a beeline for the Des Moines Farmer’s Market held in the parking lot above the marina. Lots of beautiful fresh fruit, jewelry, and clothing were on display, and plenty of full shopping bags made their way back to the boats.  

Meanwhile Gina Rubashinspired the model builders in the crowd to paint and assemble little sailboats from the Dollar Store. The creativity was marvelous! No paint by the numbers in this crowd.  The painting and conversation went on for hours.

Some members ventured out in the afternoon for a several mile walk to explore the old church camp grounds that are now known as Beach Park.

While we were blessed with favorable weather, the only sails hoisted were for maintenance purposes in the marina.  Nonamé was having some issues with her main sail being difficult to unfurl, so a number of the technically inclined gathered to problem solve and grease the furling mechanism.

Saturday night’s dinner was a potluck.  The sheer number of crock pots filled with tasty entries was impressive.  And let’s not forget dessert!

Sunday morning was a bit overcast and cold, so we were slow to rise and shine. Continental breakfast was again served, and we began to say our good byes before an early departure to catch a favorable tide.

A great weekend was had by all, and a big thank you is in order to hosts, Duane and Gina Rubash.

Chart Chat Summary 2019

It was a chilly, but thankfully snow-free afternoon meeting in the back room of the Magnolia branch of the Seattle Public Library. 


Twenty-three HAPSters gathered for the first meeting of 2019, more than ready to talk about cruising destinations and plans ahead. The record for furthest travelled went to Dave and Susie Garland, who were delayed for a day in Ellensburg by *snow* Apparently, some beer was required to deal with the time lapse.


Mike Murray began with a moving tribute to Mike Mariano, and Stuart read The Unknown Shore, a poem by Elizabeth Clark Hardy, in Mike Mariano’s honor. Kerstin Hilton will gather donations from HAPS members and put them into gifts from HAPS to Childhavenand Treehouse, in Mike’s memory. 


John Hilton then launched us into the meat of the meeting. The results can be found along with the annual rendezvous and meetme@ scheduleon the HAPS website. Here are some highlights:

·     Ray and Deb Valpey volunteered to work with Rick and Ann Giles as hosts on the South Sound Redux Cruise (18-23 August)

·     Rick and Ann Giles reiterated their desire to head to the San Juans after the 2-4 July Poulsbo meet me@, for 2 weeks, in the company of however many Hapsters care to join them.

·     The Annual Meeting is now set for Brownsville, on 18-20 October.


After the schedule had been set, here was some discussion about meetme@ communication. At least one person was not interested in interacting on Facebook at all, and alternative ways of communicating were discussed.

The general conclusion was that people who are initiating meetme@gatherings with advance notice (e.g., one week or more) can let HAPS Comms know about the event, and Comms will get out an eblast to that effect, with the contact information of the initiator(s). Anything with less advance notice should be put onto the HAPS Facebook site by the initiators.

Duane Rubash then presented the Membership Report and the Treasurer’s Report. We have 34 boats as members, including four new members for 2019:

·     Alibi, Hunter 35.5, Tom & Debbie Jardine

·     Endless, Hunter 375, Chip & Marianne Handewith

·     Nonamé, Hunter 340, Jeff & Laura Condit

·     Wild Duck, Hunter 41DS, Pierre & Terry Michel


The membership roster on the website is up to date. We also have one prospective member, five who have not yet renewed, and five who have told us that they are not renewing.


The Treasurer’s Report was delivered. A copy has been sent to the members under separate cover.


Thanks to John and Kerstin Hilton for arranging the meeting and providing the refreshments.