Other Hunter Owners

If you haven't encountered SailboatOwners.com, then let us be the first to encourage you to get answers to your questions from a worldwide network of people who own the very same boat you sail. There's a section of that website that's devoted to Hunter and Marlow-Hunter boats, and is divided by size of boat. It's where we go when we're stumped. They also have a section devoted to sailing associations, and HAPS maintains a presence there as well.

On Facebook: HAPS has its own site-- we often arrange meet ups there. There's also a general Hunter Owners site covering owners worldwide, and a number of personal Hunter owner blogs, etc referenced at Pacific Sailors.

Original Parts

The US Marlow-Hunter factory is in Alachua, Florida. But if you're looking for original equipment parts, you'll be contacting HunterOwners.com. Guess where they are located: Seattle, WA. How great is that?

The Dealers

The Marlow Hunter dealer for The Pacific Northwest is Specialty Yachts, located on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC Canada


The latest from the Mother Ship is here. If you're heading to Florida, contact your local dealer (see above), and they can arrange for a factory tour.