Chart Chat Summary


Chart Chat took place on Saturday 20 January 2018, at Island Square on Mercer Island. Thirty people were in attendance. This is our annual planning meeting. John and Kerstin Hilton, HAPS Co-captains, presided. The minutes are below.

We are grateful to Mike and Nancy Mariano for arranging for the space, and to all of the members who came, participated, brought all of that yummy food and drink, and then cleaned up!

Comms: Using eblasts vs. Facebook for MM@ communication

1/20/18 – Stuart explained function of eblasts, and why Facebook is a better tool for communicating information between members. Members can still contact Stuart with their cruise itineraries, and have them posted for group to see.

Become familiar with the HAPS website

1/20/18 - Duane gave a presentation of the features of the HAPS website.  He showed how to upload a current photo of your boat or crew.  To access contact information, click on the boat owners name to be taken to a link.

Become familiar with the HAPS Facebook page

1/20/18 –Stuart gave an explanation of how Facebook can be used for Meet Me@ communication.  Later, Becky Thompson gave an on-screen demonstration of accessing the Facebook page.

Membership Information and Promotion

Cell phone communication on the water – safety, planning, keeping track of the group

Current Email allows member to member non-urgent communication, and HAPS business

1/20/18 – Sue put out a current roster for people to check accuracy of phone numbers, addresses, etc.

1/24/18 – Sue posted the updated roster.  Duane has added the information to the HAPS members only page.

Print – Being social the old fashioned way – using HAPS business cards and flyers

1/20/18 - HAPS business cards will be included in new member packets.  Merits of having post cards or tri-fold brochures were discussed.  Post card or flyers would be intended to be posted on bulletin boards or left aboard. Stuart will design send members a pdf that can be printed by individual members to post on bulletin boards, etc.

Current Status of the Fleet: As of 24 January 2018

  • Total Boats                40
  • New boats for 2018     5
  • Renewing                  25
  • Non-renewing             4

New Members

1/20/18 – Sue called out names of new members. 

  • Vince & Jo Haag
  • Lee Jelinek & Chuck Ising
  • Doug Miller & Karen Fletcher
  • Kirsten Parks & Mark Walters (Present)
  • Becky Thompson (Present)

Membership Renewals for 2019

  • Call for 2019 renewals will begin on October 1st, 2018
  • 1/20/18 – Members decided on a renewal deadline December 1st, 2019

HAPS Name tags

1/20/18 - Sue Tughan presented some options for magnetic tags.  Members voted in favor of having name tags made at club expense.  New members will be given one set of name tags each for skipper and crew.  Additional or replacement name tags will have to be purchased by the HAPS member.  Further research is being done.

Members Only password

The password has been changed for 2018. Comms notified the membership via email on 24 January. If you did not get your password (It’s the same for everyone), contact Comms at

Membership home port locations

Members are almost equally spread around four basic areas:

  • West of Puget Sound (Bremerton, Poulsbo, Brownsville)
  • North of Seattle (Hood Canal, Port Ludlow, Everett, Bellingham)
  • Seattle (Shilshole, Elliot Bay, Lake Washington)
  • South of Seattle (Olympia, Tacoma, Des Moines)

Treasury Report

HAPS treasury is adequate to continue funding rendezvous, cruises, annual meeting and other events at the same level as previous years.  Thanks are in order to past fleet captains Mike and Ruth Murray for building the healthy treasury balance that exist today.  The current fleet captains pledge to follow in the Murray’s footsteps.

Better Boating Survey Results: The Top Three Items


  • Docking skills                         81%
  • Anchoring & stern tying         77%
  • MOB & using the Life Sling   71%

Event Proposals for 2018

Typical HAPS events are defined as:

  • Meet Me @ (MM@) - Planned or spontaneous no-host gathering
  • Rendezvous - Conventional hosted event at a specific location
  • Cruise - Multi-destination event lasting 4 or more days

The 2018 HAPS event calendar is on the website: